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FAVE Fresh Coconuts

FAVE Fresh Coconuts

Ah, coconuts. The image they surface is tropical vacations … sun, surf, beaches and fancy drinks. No wonder people love these things … even marooned sailors

They have always been delicious … and they have always been exotic.

FAVE Fresh Coconuts

They are among the most versatile of crops. Coconuts are delicious fresh, or the sweet white flesh can be dried and shredded. They may be dried into copra for animal feed, or made into coconut oil. The hard shell can be made into charcoal and the fibrous husk can be used to make coir (to make ropes, matting, etc.) Coconut palms provide a lot more than just shade!

Coconuts have provided refreshment to people in tropical climates for ages. Young coconuts contain a sweet liquid called coconut water, which is clear, sweet, delicious and an excellent natural energy drink. Coconut water has been rapidly growing in the USA for years, as athletes and consumers are choosing the natural hydration it provides. Unfortunately, that has generally meant buying coconut water that has been processed, pasteurized and packaged in plastic bottles or aseptic boxes with straws – and then shipped to the store. This creates a lot of extra packaging waste, and the sweet natural taste of the coconut water degrades during this process.

We always had to purchase coconut water this way, simply because coconuts are famously hard do open.

Truly FRESH coconut water is amazingly refreshing. People who live in tropical climates enjoy fresh coconut water the old-fashioned way … via a machete:

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t own a machete. This is probably a good thing, to avoid lots of visits to the local Emergency Room!

If you want to enjoy fresh coconut water, the “opening them” part of coconuts has always been a challenge.

The great news: we found a way to enjoy fresh, untouched coconut water, right from the shell – without any heating, chemicals or nasty processing.

We took advantage of a gift from nature: fresh coconuts have three softer spots in their hard shells. These soft spots are called “eyes” – they are natural and scientists say they are a part of the evolution of this fruit.

Here is a picture of the “eyes” on a mature coconut:

Eyes of a mature coconut

We take advantage of this gift from nature … by creating a special straw designed to pierce one of these eyes and go straight to the untouched fresh coconut water! We package our fresh coconuts with this straw and instructions … and we even mark the hard shell exactly where you should pierce the straw!

Girl drinking FAVE Coconut Water

This let you enjoy the freshest coconut water available --- untouched and unprocessed – in the ultimate farm-to-table package! When you finish enjoying your fresh coconut water, the shell is natural and compostable. If desired, you can even break open the shell and enjoy the sweet flesh after you have enjoyed the coconut water.

We bet you will be the first to show up at the gym (or work, or school) drinking out of a fresh coconut with a straw. Enjoy the extra attention – you have earned it!

FAVE Fresh Coconuts label

Q: I heard that young, green coconuts – with the green husk on the outside - produce the best and sweetest coconut water. Your ready-to-drink (RTD) coconuts don’t look like young coconuts … they have a hard shell. Does that mean your RTD coconuts are old?

A: You have been doing your homework! Young, green coconuts DO indeed produce the best coconut water. The good news is: that is what we ship to you! The reason our RTD coconuts LOOK different is simple: we remove the outer green husk before we ship the coconut to the store. This is time-consuming, but it makes the coconut cleaner and easier to handle, store and chill. This also lets you easily locate the spot where you pierce the coconut with the straw --- that way you can enjoy the fresh, untouched coconut water right from the source. If we left the green husk on each young coconut, the straw would never be able to pierce the skin of the coconut --- so these would no longer be “ready to drink”. Our RTD coconuts are fresh, young coconuts --- we promise.

Fun fact: coconuts are the largest seed in the world!