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Ah, garlic. Is there anyone who does not enjoy the smell of freshly baked garlic bread? We love fresh garlic, and not just for scaring away vampires.

We all know this of this delicious and pungent seasoning … but what do we really know about it?

Garlic is a species in the onion family. The use of garlic has been documented for thousands of years – including the ancient Egyptians, who used it both as a food seasoning and a traditional medicine. Today, it is grown around the world and used extensively for its pungent flavor.

The most-commonly used part of a garlic plant is the bulb - this is what most of us see at the supermarket when we purchase fresh garlic. The bulb is divided into smaller fleshy parts called cloves. Cloves may be consumed raw or cooked, and they may also be used for medicinal purposes. Garlic cloves have a strong, spicy flavor and aroma that mellows and sweetens considerably with cooking.

The paper-like “skin” covering garlic cloves is normally removed and discarded, though some users prefer to consume this as well. The small thread-like roots at the bottom of each bulb are virtually always discarded before eating.

Is all garlic the same?

We don’t think so. Garlic may be grown using all kinds of seed, in all kinds of weather and soil conditions – and potentially while using all kinds of fertilizers, pest control methods and handling techniques.

At FAVE, we have perfected the use of our own proprietary hybrid FAVE garlic seeds – a variety that was first developed in Asia, where over 80% of all the world’s garlic is grown today. These hybrid seeds generate larger, fuller cloves and healthier bulbs – with just the right blend of pungency and flavor.

FAVE garlic growers focus on well-drained soil, in climates that enjoy the best blend of warm days and cool nights --- along with ample sunshine and just the right amount of rainfall. We know that these conditions will produce the best, most flavorful garlic.

Our entire system is focused on food quality and safety – and that emphasis helps us to bring the world’s best garlic to your supermarket every day. We are very proud of our fresh garlic – and our entire worldwide team stands behind its quality.

How to select the best garlic

Look for garlic bulbs that are plump and compact with taut, smooth skin. Avoid damp cloves or those that have soft spots. A bulb should feel firm and heavy; if it is very light, it may have dried out too much during transit.

The number of cloves in each bulb makes a difference. A single clove may have as few as eight cloves, or as many as 40. More cloves mean more work for you, as peeling many small cloves to flavor your dish can become tedious. Choose wisely to enjoy cooking more – and visit the below websites for tricks to save you more time!

How to store fresh garlic

Keep your garlic cool and dry. Avoid moisture, and do not refrigerate. Instead, you can leave it on the counter with other dry produce (such as onions) – or place your garlic bulbs in a brown paper bag and in a dark cabinet. Dry garlic can last a very long time, especially in unbroken bulbs. For optimal quality, use any individual fresh garlic cloves within 10 days.


Where can we begin? Garlic is a headliner in thousands of great recipes from around the world. We have included links to some of our favorites below, but the list is endless. Perhaps it should even start with your own Uncle or Grandma? If you have a favorite recipe, let us know – we love to share!

Enjoy this world-famous and well-loved and unique flavor the next time you are at the store! You might even get “garlic breath” – but it will be worth it. Cheers.