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Fresh and delicious, lychee (also called “litchi”) have been enjoyed for thousands of years in Asia. Cultivation of lychees dates to at least 1059 A.D., and perhaps long before that time --- these are not a new fruit for the world. They are, however, fairly new to the USA! This is a tropical fruit, which means it is harder to grow here in the Continental USA … we just don’t enjoy the type of weather here to consistently grow lots of great lychee. We are happy to finally taste what much of the world has enjoyed for millennia!

The inside of all lychees is the same pearl-white in appearance. Many varieties of lychee are reddish in outer skin color. FAVE specializes in EMPRESS lychee – a greenish color variety with a smaller seed and more sweet, juicy flesh. We think you will agree this is the best lychee you will ever taste!

These tasty fruits are “climacteric” --- that simply means they ripen only on the tree. Once harvested, they stop ripening. As a result, lychee season is very short each year, and lychees are prized when they are available. “Get them while you can” really does mean something when it comes to lychee.

Lychees are lightly sweet, juicy and fun to eat.

  1. Use your fingernail or carefully use a knife to cut a slit in the end of the fruit.
  2. Squeeze and gently peel/tear off the skin.
  3. Remove the seed from the center of the fruit and discard.
  4. Enjoy the sweet, juicy flesh!

Many people choose to pop the entire fruit into their mouth and just spit out the seed --- think of the way we often eat watermelons, and you get the idea. Just don’t eat the lychee seed.

Lychees are great on their own, and in fruit salads, smoothies or as an accent to many other dishes. They are a refreshing, healthy dessert after a summer meal. Many describe their taste as being a cross between a grape, a pear and a watermelon --- but we will let you decide. Make sure you have a napkin handy --- these are juicy! They are truly the ultimate summer fruit.

You can impress others by making a lychee martini … just visit our “recipes” tab on this website. The sweet scent of a fresh lychee – like a strawberry – is why bartenders have added this fruit to their cocktails.

We hope you will want to enjoy all your lychee immediately - but just in case, lychee keeps well, with the best storage conditions being in your refrigerator. Eventually a lychee may turn brownish in color – but that can also mean increased sweetness for you!

Lychees contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and potassium. They also have antioxidant properties and are rich in polyphenols (plant-based antioxidants). An average lychee fruit contains just 6 calories, so enjoy!

Fun fact: lychee actually grows as a tall evergreen tree – but they only produce fruit once each year for a short period of time. Lychee season is a big event in many parts of the world, when the harvest begins and fresh lychee are available. Think of it as like Oktoberfest, except without the beer, and with fresh lychee instead.