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Innovation and Technology



In a highly competitive, technological world, FAVE stands as a unique brand that offers exceptional quality and better-value products made with perfection. It takes creative minds and consistent efforts to reach the success mark that we have today. We pride ourselves on having highly advanced fruit and vegetable farms and operations in China, supplying premium quality ginger and garlic all the way to North America.



We make the world notice us. Are you wondering how? We help our supermarket chain customers create innovative marketing campaigns that help reach out and educate our end-users.

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Looking for a fresh vegetable producer in Canada and U.S.A.? FAVE products offer uncompromised quality and value to its customers. We are one of the leading wholesale fruits and vegetable suppliers, especially for Garlic and Ginger and a wide array of herbs, spices, and other vegetables.



As a wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier, we go the extra mile to develop products and methods to maximize shelf life by implementing innovative technology and best practices. We don’t only stick to customization of product packages; there is more. Our secret to success is our careful coordination, strategizing, and quality maintenance which results in increased sales while saving the cost of our supermarket chain customers.

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Work With Us - Farming


With our expansive farm in Canada and multiple others located worldwide, we have partnered with Norfund, a Norwegian government state-owned investment fund, and Neofresh, one of the biggest papaya and lychee suppliers in South Africa. The aim is to invest in Mozambique to develop outstanding ginger farms and warehouses in the country and contribute to the local community.



Excellence is our second name. We believe in delivering high-quality products to our end customers. As a result, we have competitive procurement and Q.A. team sourcing product from various countries, including Canada, the U.S.A., China, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, South American countries, and more.

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We oversee and manage the logistics to safely deliver products to our supermarket chain customers on a timely basis. Our products remain fresh and ready to use due to the following reasons:

  • Implementing strict quality control measures.
  • Maintaining humidity levels during product shipping.
  • Keeping the products in an environment that protects them from mold or decay.