Ginger – The Wise Old Fox in our Pantries


Ginger – The Wise Old Fox in our Pantries

Posted by Janie Du Plessis on March 31, 2024

Ginger has its secrets as a treasured spice since the 14th Century—the globetrotter of the spice scene; all the way from South East Asia. A coveted commodity that had to be transported from exotic distant lands, the price of ginger was the same as a sheep. Rare and sought after, it was a symbol of affluence in Medieval society. And with good reason…

Ginger has a long history of use in traditional medicine and was valued as a super potion for its perceived medicinal properties, its ability to alleviate digestive issues, nausea, and various other ailments. This added to its allure and demand.

Its versatility knows no bounds. In a world without fridges and freezers, preserving food was a formidable challenge. Ginger’s natural preservative qualities became a beacon of hope, used to preserve food as well.

We know that the taste is unique as well. Described as a spice that adds warmth, spiciness, and depth of flavor in sweet and savory dishes, it is a well-known popular ingredient in hot and cold drinks.

Sought after—it was the wise old fox in the pantries with secrets and remedies few other spices had. Exotic, medicinal, versatile, rare, the symbol of good life, healthy life, and high life over many generations.