As one of the leading producers of farm fresh fruits and vegetables, we take every step to maintain the quality of the products. We follow strict protocols while applying processes and strategies to extend the shelf life of goods.

Fave is well-known for its healthy fruits and vegetables. As one of North America’s largest Garlic and Ginger Suppliers, we grow these products on our own farms worldwide. We then deliver the fresh harvest to the stores. Our belief is to offer our customers safe and ethically sourced products.

All our employees are committed to taking every step to produce fresh supplies for the market and create a healthy future for everyone. We do it by producing products while following the best agricultural practices and advanced technology that are safe for the environment.

To be the most reliable fresh garlic and ginger manufacturer, we want to contribute significant value to locally grown fruits and vegetables. We want to improve the organic food market by utilizing advanced technology.

We have our farms in Canada and all over the world. We have one of the most advanced fruits and vegetable processing factories in Asia in China.

Our offices, farms, and factories are located across the United States, Canada, Africa, Turkey, and China, producing high-quality fruits and vegetables. We make sure to grow, pack, ship, market and deliver directly to retailers through best practices to provide the freshest, highly nutritional products.

FAVE understands the social responsibility that comes with being a North American Supplier and Canadian Vegetable Supplier running a reliable brand. We don’t solely focus on selling our products. But we also ensure to play an active part in bringing improvement to society in any way possible.