FAVE Goodwave Technology

What does FAVE stand for?

FAVE is an acronym for Fruit And VEgetables. (Clever, eh?)

Many of our fans tell us it now stands for their favorite fruits and vegetables. We think both of these are good answers!

Why are FAVE fresh fruits and vegetables important?

We think eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is essential for Americans. This can be a challenge, especially with children --- sometimes kids say they are bored by fresh fruits or vegetables. Many of our items are unique and exciting --- and that adds interest to an important part of our diet.

We want everyone to be excited about eating more fruit and vegetables!

Do FAVE fruits and vegetables contain any added ingredients?

FAVE fruits and vegetables contain no added ingredients of any kind. We are more the “all-natural” type.

What fruits and vegetables does FAVE provide?

FAVE is proud to bring many different tropical, exotic and specialty fruits and vegetables to the USA. Some of these items include lychee, dragon fruit, star fruit, coconuts and rambutan --- but we are always looking for more interesting and unique items to introduce to American shoppers!

We are very fortunate to be able to bring these great fruits and vegetables from around the world to the USA --- thanks to an exceptional global supply chain and rigorous quality and food safety standards. We finally get to enjoy what other nations have enjoyed for centuries!

Have a suggestion for a new fruit or vegetable? Please email us at info@goodwavetechnology.com! We love finding and introducing healthy new items.

Are FAVE fresh fruits and vegetables really unique?

We like to think so. The truth is – people have been enjoying most of our fruits and vegetables somewhere in the world for hundreds of years. The difference is – we are introducing many of them to Americans for the very first time!

We are proud to help U.S. consumers try fun, healthy and different fresh fruits and vegetables. Why should those other countries have all the fun? We think that qualifies as “unique”!

What is the official name of the FAVE Company?

FAVE is a brand owned by joint venture of S.T. Agri Global, Inc. in the U.S.A. and GOODWAVE in Canada.

Where do FAVE fruits and vegetables come from?

FAVE fresh fruits and vegetables are sold across North America, but they come from around the world. Our priority is bringing you the freshest, most delicious fruits and vegetables of the highest quality.

We are also lucky because if there is bad weather or a poor harvest on one farm or in one region, our experts can get great fruits and vegetables for us from another region that is not affected … yay for our experts!

Why are FAVE fruits and vegetables “better”?

We get to use the world’s specialists for each of our fruits and vegetables. Some examples:

• The world’s best lychee comes from China, where they have cultivated for thousands of years.

• Vietnam grows about 70% of the world’s dragon fruit --- they are simply the best with this unique fruit.

• Coconuts grow in most tropical nations, but Thailand and Costa Rica are two of the best at producing delicious sweet, fresh coconuts.

• Taiwan grows much of the world’s biggest and best star fruit.

We are fortunate to be able to use true local experts for all of our fresh fruits and vegetables --- and we benefit by finally getting to enjoy them here in the USA!

I don’t trust food from those other countries. Are FAVE fresh fruits and vegetables really safe?

The entire FAVE organization is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in food safety and quality. This includes required independent food safety Certification under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This means regular audits by independent experts, multiple levels of human inspection and quality checks.

Our imported fruits and vegetables are also inspected by the USDA when they arrive in our country, and we comply with all USDA and FDA guidelines and requirements.

We want you to be happy with our fruits and vegetables … we are very proud of what we do each day!

Is any sugar added to FAVE fresh fruits or vegetables?

FAVE fruits and vegetables have no added sugars. We promise the sweetness in our delicious fruits comes only from the sun.

Do FAVE fruits and vegetables have any artificial colors or artificial flavors?

FAVE fruits and vegetables are 100% all-natural with no artificial ingredients. We like the natural stuff.

Where can I find recipes to make FAVE smoothies and other healthy ideas?

We have some recipes on our website. We also encourage our fans to visit us on facebook™, Instagram™, Pinterest™, twitter™, YouTube™ and flickr™. We encourage our fans to share their favorite FAVE recipes!

Why do you use plastic in some of your produce packages?

We still sometimes use plastic to protect our fresh fruits or vegetables during transit. In many cases, those items travel tens of thousands of miles - literally, from the other side of the world - to get to your local store! However, we prefer to use reusable and renewable packaging whoever possible. Whenever we can, we use reusable plastic crates to ship our produce, or we use recycled/recyclable cardboard cases. We are also experimenting with using plant-based plastics when we must have a plastic package to protect our produce. We understand we all share this planet, and we take our responsibility to be good stewards seriously.

What if I have more questions?

We love hearing from our customers. Please e-mail us at info@goodwavetechnology.com.