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  • It is an annual herb. Stems erect, much branched. It is green when immature, and becomes sauce, bright red, yellow or purple when mature. It is most common in red. The seeds are kidney- shaped, pale yellow, and ovules are curved.

  • Long hot finger like sunny area, enough sunlight can ensure that the peppers can perform sufficient photosynthesis and convert more solar energy into their own organic matter for vigorous growth. Because of the heat resistance of pepper, the temperature of its growth is better between 30-35 ° C. Peppers need trace elements as well, trace elements can provides the necessary chemical element for the growth of peppers and provide energy for plant growth.

  • This peppers are native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. From Mexico to Peru, the Indians have domesticated this crop many times in history. At the end of the 15th century, Columbus brought the pepper back to Europe after arriving in the Americas and spread it to other parts of the world.

Long Hot Finger

Fave Long Hot Finger

Many report these Benefits

  • Hypoglycemic. Scientists in Jamaica have shown through experiments that capsaicin can significantly lower blood sugar levels.

  • Weight Loss. Pepper contains a component that can effectively burn fat in the body and promote metabolism to achieve weight loss. In the Japanese market, there are a variety of chili products suitable for women.

  • Improve Heart Function. Using pepper as the main raw material, with garlic, hawthorn extract and vitamin E, it is made into a “health care product”, which can improve heart function and promote blood circulation after consumption of pepper can reduce blood lipids, reduce thrombosis, and have a certain preventive effect on cardiovascular disease.